domingo, 2 de janeiro de 2011

White Waters

I see a silhouette, liquid that moves
Skin like a pearl in the sea
I cannot resist this, her voice in the wind
But is it my eyes are deceived?
Is it you I see?

Lie down in my arms
Trust what you see
Smooth your brow, you will be with me
To find your relief

Gazing at whitecaps, coming so close
Everything's suddenly clear
Numb with the aching, and still I am waiting
The waters is pulling me near
Would you welcome me?

Lie down in my arms
Try not to breathe
Quiet love, you are now with me
You need no words to speak

For my mistakes, I am to blame
Never believed that it was all meant to fall
I'd give my life to have you near once again
Take me away, would you forgive me?

Simone Simons

Burn To A Cinder

Deep in the night, boundless violence will seethe with the danger
Our laws collide not allowing another contender
When the wine drinks itself, you will burn to a cinder
We're fighting time awaiting the answers

I'll never let them stake you down
Take you down
I'll fight to find a way

Is there a way to turn the mind of a barbaric stranger?
Eternal days awaiting for you to awake, my avenger
A cruel fate now condemns us to burn to a cinder
Are we too late, running on empty?

I'll never let them stake you down
Take you down
I'll fight to find a way out there
It must be hard
I'll never let them break you now
Forsake you now
Keep holding on and

Give me answers to my prayers
We'll never hide, we'll face the glare
You're the light I see to, raise the flame and blaze the fire
Give me answers to my prayers
We'll carry all the weight to bear
Give me sight to see
I know a way is there to keep the flame

Why can't I bleed with you?
Forever I will be thrown to the wolves
They'll feed on all our dreams

Simone Simons

Force of the Shore

Appearance is deceptive
So perfect in disguise
There's more than what you see

A semblance is protective
A blinder for the eyes
A place to hide and flee

Flee and you'll never see
What you're going to be
If you throw away the key

The truth from the past you can't make it last

Flee and walk away
From who you are this day
If you are afraid to stay

Beyond the shore the sea is filled up
With sentiment and strength
Here lie the thoughts imprisoned
A field of forces and laments

How can we hide here
We need to change our ways
How can we tell lies here
We turn our eyes away

From the truth
From the past
You cannot
Make it last

If you do not cease to run away from truth
You will never see the shadow of your dying youth

A façade is what we possess
But on the inside it stays a mess

Superficial changes won't recall the past
Don't deny the clock is ticking and it's racing fast

Fading tokens feelings hide
Make us think we need to change our ways

Deep, the feelings hide
They're wasted from within
And my shell will never break

Appearance is deceptive
So perfect in disguise
A place to flee and hide and run away
Lift the shadow

Simone Simons